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Make your contracts smarter through artificial intelligence and design thinking.

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A modular platform that helps organisations manage contracts throughout their lifecycle.


Your go-to solution for contract creation, management and negotiation.


Enabling better visibility of how those contracts interlink with the organisation and the outside world.

Contract IDE

Does one job, does it well; the Contract IDE mixes AI and clever design to remove the pain from contract drafting and review. AI helps find areas of concern; paragraph level version control and robust clause numbering makes collaboration easy; cross-referencing and definitions work like they always should have.

Contract Manager

A clean and effective store of all contracts; providing both a high level view of contracts in an organisation, and through integration with the CRM help flag contracts that the sales function should be returning to, whether approaching renewal or in a service review period.

Contract Visualiser

Using AI to identify all the key information buried in the body of contracts and drawing on that and other sources provide visualisations of a company over time, past, present and future, financial flows, risk profiles, etc.; enables better forecasting, better strategy and for due diligence in M&A.

The Who, the What and Why

ContrAI is a web-first product that applies artificial intelligence and design thinking to make contracts smarter. Lawyers, contract managers, and company executives deal with a lot of contracts, and buried in those contracts is key information about the lifeblood of the company. ContrAI's product set offers a way to deal with contracts that is easy, stress-free and information rich.

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